What Spring and candles have in common

What Spring and candles have in common

'Spring is nature's way of saying, Let's Party!'– Robin Williams.

We're pretty sure you all know what spring looks like and smells like, but, have you smelt it yet? Like, actually sniffed all the wonderful things that make spring come alive? If not, you're missing out on EKAM's

It is designed such that if you smell all the candles together, you will feel as if you're transported to a special, secret garden. Painted with the colors of pastel-hued flowers, tables with delicate pastries, a pink, fluffy sky above, and your favourite people gathered. A perfect spring sanctuary for you!

Read on to see how springtime has been captured in these candles:

  • Wisteria Lane smells like the start of spring. Wisteria, Persian violet and sandalwood notes blend together for an airy fragrance. Imagine a cool evening on a magical path, purple wisteria flowers above you. You can sense that spring is just beginning, buds are appearing, birds are chirping again. It feels magical- nature slowly waking up from winter sleep & becoming colourful again. The time is ripe for picnics!


  • Sunshine Blossom with notes of mimosa, cedarwood, and frangipani smells like everything around has become golden & full of life. Imagine feeling clear sunshine-that is not too hot-lighting up a garden for you. Life feels cheerful & energetic with birdsongs all around you, golden sunshine, and fully blossomed flowers. It's a fun, peppy fragrance that smells like sunshine, playing in the park, and letting loose.

  • Heirloom Rose has notes of peach, rose, and velvet, which make you feel nostalgic, safe, and cozy. Like you’re in a pretty garden, with all your favourite people close by, sipping cocoa and feeling nostalgic, surrounded by the timeless beauty of pink roses, butterflies, and a rosy sky above. Everything feels romantic and picture-perfect. With caramel pudding and pastries before you....mmm!

If you want to be enchanted, check out these fragrances here.

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