Step into the New Year with our Fragrance of The Month!

Step into the New Year with our Fragrance of The Month!

               “Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over."

Unbelievable-it is 2024! Is it just us who find it hard to believe that we just stepped out of a year? So, what do we do now? As cliché as it sounds, we have taken out our notepads and written down some new year’s resolutions we intend to keep. Along with promises to ourselves and hopes for the future-for us and our loved ones! Our 2024 January Fragrance of the Month collection is set to help us step into this new dawn.

The candles and fragrance oils are both infused with essential oils known for their ability to bring one a sense of joy, peace, and meditative stillness. The designs on the labels have an interesting laid-back, but vivid appeal to them, showcasing the themes.

Meet our 2024 January Fragrance of The Month 3 Wick Scented Candles and Fragrance Oils-

New Beginnings, Beautiful Gift, and Me Time

New Beginnings:

In a world obsessed with insta aesthetics, why not take a refreshing detour this year? Instead of worrying about the perfect face, refocus on your creative energy and dive into your hobbies. Let this year be a celebration of your individuality! This is the perfect fragrance to take in as you reflect on refocusing energy on what makes you happy, passionate. The aroma is warm with the soothing embrace of cardamom, mixed with the white florals of jasmine. Infused with orange essential oil and patchouli essential oil that will let your spirit soar with excitement! Cheers to a year of blossoming into the authentic masterpiece that is uniquely you!

Fragrance Notes

  • Top Notes: Cardamom
  • Heart Notes: 0.67 % Orange Essential Oil, Jasmine
  • Base Notes: Coconut, Vanilla, Sandalwood, 1.68% Patchouli Essential
Beautiful Gift:
In a world that sometimes feels consumed by negativity, let's embark on a journey to become the person who uplifts others. Imagine a life where gossip is replaced with the warmth of genuine compliments, making the world a kinder place. Let the delicate fragrance inspire you with its serene vibe made of a blend of green tea, jasmine, and lotus. Its lavender and rosemary essential oils serve as a comforting embrace, and patchouli essential oil will relax you. This fragrance serves as a reminder that, just as scents linger, so will the impact of your positive actions.


    Fragrance Notes

    • Top Notes: Longjing Tea, Almond, 0.3% Bergamot Essential Oil, 0.2% Lavender Essential Oil
    • Heart Notes: Green Tea, 0.24% Patchouli Essential Oil, Lotus
    • Base Notes: Musk, 0.49% Rosemary Essential Oil

     Me Time:

    Feeling overwhelmed by the constant ping of emails? Here's a challenge for you: disconnect from social media entirely for a day. Spoiler alert – the world won't come crashing down. Instead, spend time with yourself, in nature, meditating and caring for your inner needs. Now, picture this day unfolding with the refreshing scent of lemon zest, pear, and blackcurrant. It's like a burst of sunshine and sweetness. With heart notes of aquatic florals and tea, you will feel like you’re stepping into a serene garden. Overall, it is a fragrance that is both refreshing and grounding thanks to the amyris and lemon essential oils.


    Fragrance Notes

    • Top Notes: 0.5 % Lemon Essential Oil, Pear, Blackcurrant
    • Heart Notes: Tea, Rose, Sea Breeze
    • Base Notes: 0.5 % Amyris essential oil, Sandalwood, Amber


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