Why go for EKAM Plug-Ins?

As the name suggests, you need to plug EKAM’s Plug-Ins into a power socket and turn them on for quick fragrance dispersion. This makes them a convenient choice compared to candles or diffusers. In comparison to widely available room sprays and air freshener sachets, each EKAM Plug-In Bottle lasts for up to 60 and provides widespread dispersion, plus they are flameless and safe to use around babies and pets.

Are there any other advantages?

Yes. Our plug-ins can be used with any of the available mosquito repellent machines in the market today and you can use it in any space such as bathrooms, storerooms, living rooms, etc.- wherever there is a power socket available; it can easily fragrance rooms up to 150 to 200 sq. feet.

I have EKAM’s Premium Plug-In Machine with me. So, can I use the new refills with it?

No. Our new Plug-In Refills are *not* compatible with our Premium Plug-In Machines.  Please contact our customer service @ 08046809555
for refills for the Premium Plug-In Machines.

So, do I have to purchase the new Plug-In Machine along with the refill?

Not necessarily. Our new Plug-In Refills are designed to be universally compatible with currently available mosquito repellent machines. Hence, you can fit our refills into your existing mosquito repellent machines.

What can I expect in terms of aroma?

EKAM has chosen all the best-selling fine fragrances from its portfolio to include in the Plug-In range to deliver a luxury experience to our customers. These fragrances spread very quickly within 5 minutes of switching on the machine and can fragrance up to 250 sq. feet area.

How long will a refill last?

Our Plug-In Refills are designed to last up to 60 days.

How long can I use the EKAM Plug-Ins?

It is recommended that you do not use the Plug-In for more than 8 hours continuously.