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Pristine Nagachampa Fragrance Oil, 10mlPristine Nagachampa Fragrance Oil, 10ml
Pristine Nagachampa Fragrance Oil, 10ml
Regular price₹ 199
Peaceful Vetiver Fragrance Oil, 10mlPeaceful Vetiver Fragrance Oil, 10ml
Peaceful Vetiver Fragrance Oil, 10ml
Regular price₹ 199
4 Pack Eau De Parfum Set, For Women4 Pack Eau De Parfum Set, For Women
4 Pack Eau De Parfum Set, For Women
Regular price₹ 750
Mandala Series Oil Warmer Set with 3 Fragrance OilsMandala Series Oil Warmer Set with 3 Fragrance Oils
Mandala Series Oil Warmer Set with 3 Fragrance Oils
Regular price₹ 650
Amaira Eau De Parfum for WomenAmaira Eau De Parfum for Women
Amaira Eau De Parfum for Women
Regular price₹ 1,500 ₹ 1,050
Orion Eau De Parfum for MenOrion Eau De Parfum for Men
Orion Eau De Parfum for Men
Regular price₹ 1,500 ₹ 1,050
Alina Eau De Parfum for WomenAlina Eau De Parfum for Women
Alina Eau De Parfum for Women
Regular price₹ 1,500 ₹ 1,050
Adele Eau De Parfum for WomenAdele Eau De Parfum for Women
Adele Eau De Parfum for Women
Regular price₹ 1,500 ₹ 1,050

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Dynamic Aroma Diffuser with Free 4 Fragrance Oils (10ml)Dynamic Aroma Diffuser with Free 4 Fragrance Oils (10ml)
Dynamic Aroma Diffuser with Free 4 Fragrance Oils (10ml)
Regular price₹ 5,150 ₹ 4,500
3 Wick Jar3 Wick Jar
3 Wick Jar
Regular price₹ 900 ₹ 750
Regular price₹ 495
Shot GlassShot Glass
Shot Glass
Regular price₹ 99
Chunk JarsChunk Jars
Chunk Jars
Regular price₹ 700 ₹ 500
Honey JarHoney Jar
Honey Jar
Regular price₹ 150
Hexa JarHexa Jar
Hexa Jar
Regular price₹ 200


We believe in the holistic view of the planet as one living network bound together with ecological inter-dependencies. Our philosophy that values are inherent in all of living nature is based on the spiritual acceptance that nature and the self are one. We bring this philosophy into everything that we do for all our products and our customer service.

Fragrance they say are the pathway to soul. It reminds us again to appreciate this ethereal connection to nature and all things living. EKAM fragrances made with the finest ingredients and most unique blends, help you create an oasis of calm, a sanctuary for yourself, where you can pause, take a breath and reconnect. Our fragrances take you to your happy place, somewhere you can escape the stress and constraints of your daily life and feel completely at peace with yourself and connect with the universe as you did during those sun-dappled lazy afternoons on your grandmother’s balcony or while taking in the breath-taking scenery from the top of a mountain in the Himalayas.

All EKAM products are handcrafted in our own R&D center and manufactured in our state-of-the art production facilities. Our home fragrance products are aesthetically designed to breathe new life into your homes and our fragrances help transform your personal space into a place of tranquility and happiness. Our personal care products are developed with the utmost care for both your physical and emotional well-being using well-crafted fragrances and keeping in mind benefits of aromatherapy, so that you look and feel your best every moment, everyday.

It is our constant endeavor and effort to introduce the latest trends in fragrances and the most innovative products in our portfolio to deliver a truly sensorial and luxurious experience to our consumers in home fragrance and personal care, at an affordable price.
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Now here’s one brand that’s consistently been fab & are constantly evolving I have been buying from them for over a year & their products have never let me down . Their product quality is consistent & is value for money & cherry topping is fabulous customer service . They are a small natural home grown company in Bangalore that does shipping all over India & are on Instagram. Their Temple bloom range blows my mind away as I literally feel calm & serine when this range is on in my house . I would request every one who reads this post to get their products & give them a chance & I bet you that you won’t be disappointed. Thanks EKAM for making my home smell awesome. Disclaimer all products have been bought by me this is not a promotional feature .

Shilpi Thacker, Mumbai

I'm a big fan on fragrances, and have been eyeing on EKAM's products since long, and finally I got a chance to buy them. One of those decisions during the lockdown that I will never regret for, I absolutely hoarded 10 bottles of essential oils and a oil warmer set(the set was specifically bought as the mahogany fragrant wasn't available under individual packs but only the oil warmer set had it). I've no words to express of how a few fragrances like Temple Bloom (a fragrance that I can live my entire life with), Driftwood (very new but such a woody pleasant fragrance, a hit during a rainy evening while sipping tea), teakwood, mahogany, mango papaya are such new fresh, earthy and brilliant fragrances. Lemongrass, Rose, Vanilla and Lavender are equally brilliant. Also that I use just about one drop Instead of 3 to 4 and that equally is sufficient to keep the room fresh for more than 3 hours, the oils are concentrated unlike the other ones which are light scented.A decision that none of you would regret would be jumping to their site and picking all of it. A few of my friends and family have placed orders after I received mine.

Laxmi Iyer, Thane

I really love to have an beautiful fragrance at home. I believe it brings a very positive vibes around. EKAM are one of them who delivers at your home products with such wonderful fragrance. They have all kind of fragrances like mango, rose, sandalwood, vanilla, lemongrass and the list goes on... I am in love with EKAM and surely recommend it to all lovely people there who really want to have a soothing atmosphere at home.

EKAM for me is: E elegant; K kind of; A aroma; M must have for all...

Alka Rani, Delhi

I love Vanilla. I received the product yesterday and I only opened it to check the product, and OMG! I hadn’t even removed the inner packaging, yet it smelt amazing. Since this was a gift for my friend, I didn't burn it, but I can't wait to buy more products. Thank you Team Ekam!

Mubarakka Rahmz, Chennai

Ekam products are elegant and creates a divine atmosphere.As always, your products are par excellence, be it candles or luxury soaps. Appreciate your dedication, sincerity, and zeal to give your best

Alivelu, Secunderabad

I have been using Rosemary oil with Aloe Vera gel for the past two months. I have spent a lot of money buying expensive creams, but essential oils from Ekam are easy on the pocket and brilliant on the skin. HIghly recommend them to all.

Arushi Singh

I’m a huge fan of scented candles and when I came across the wide range of those in EKAM I couldn’t control myself. So initially as a trail I just bought 10 shot glass scented candles and it was great. The fragrance would enlighten up my entire room and feel so relieved. Once I started using those there was no turning back. I bought few more items from them and they never failed to impress me. Fragrances from EKAM is a stress buster. I have compared it with other brands and let me be honest EKAM’s products are the best hands down. I have few more things left to explore which I will be doing sooner. This is a great product and I highly recommend it to everyone to go for it, no second thoughts on this one.

Manoj KM, Bangalore