Why go for EKAM Aromatherapy Plug-Ins?

As the name suggests, you need to plug EKAM’s Aromatherapy Plug-Ins into a power socket and turn them on for quick aroma dispersion. Each aromatherapy plug-in refill is a blend of essential
oils whose aroma can provide therapeutic benefits. They make a convenient choice compared to candles or diffusers. EKAM Aromatherapy Plug-In Bottles last for up to 60 days; plus, they are flameless and safe to use around babies and pets.

Are there any other advantages?

Yes. Our aromatherapy plug-ins can be used wherever there is a power socket available. Plus, they come with a regulator which you can turn to adjust how strong you want the aroma.

I have EKAM’s Premium Plug-In Machine/ Plug In Machine with me. So, can I use the new refills with it?

No. Our Aromatherapy Plug-In Refills are *not* compatible with any device other than our Aromatherapy Plug-In Machines. 
Please contact our customer service @ 08046809555 for refills for the Premium Plug-In Machines.

What can I expect in terms of aroma?

EKAM’s Aromatherapy Plug-In aromas are all very subtle
and pleasant. Though each is a blend of essential oils, you do not get an overpowering, herbal smell. The fragrance spreads quickly within minutes of switching on the machine.

How long will a refill last?

Our Plug-In Refills are designed to last up to 60 days.

How long can I use the EKAM Aromatherapy Plug-Ins?

It is recommended that you do not use the Plug-In for more than 4 hours continuously.