It has been a chilly season this year. We’ve taken out all our warm jackets and sweaters but the one thing we need to incorporate into our lives is humidifiers! There are numerous health benefits that come with getting a humidifier in your homes. The air is so dry during the winters that a humidifier makes sense. Even if we consider summers, we often forget how dry the air gets when we turn on our air conditioners.

What makes an affordable but unseasonable gift?

Budget matters! It’s fair to have an amount in mind. It makes it so much easier to buy gifts for everyone you decided, all under the same umbrella. Try keeping the budget from 500-700, you’ll have so many options to pick from this range. But go ahead, you can decide!


Hear us out, this might seem generic but there are ways you can gift plants without seeming boring or lazy. We think that cute little plants or succulents can really make a nice season gift. Here’s how: you can take the chance of naming the little plant and gifting it; all dressed up. Decorate the pot! Naming the plant gives a personal touch and it’s so cute. Just yesterday, Draaca the potted plant became a part of my life. It’s adorable! You could also get a tiny watering pot to go with it.


Come on, you can never go wrong with this! Scented candles are decorative and personal in its own way. You can get your family or friends a variety of scented candles (each to his/her own fragrance), and lift the spirits up; this holiday season. Head over to Ekam’s official website and check out the plethora of candles available. Nothing like a ready-to-go gift set right? Check those out too.

OH! Humidifiers and Reed Diffusers are some good options in the fragrance section as well. Check the range out to see if the gift suits your requirements.


Cold-pressed coffee makers or tea makers are so handy! If you have family or friends who are coffee lovers or tea lovers, they will worship you after this!



If you look deep enough, you are bound to find cosy blankets or comforters online. In this chilly season, a blanket that keeps so extra warm is a gift that will always be remembered.

Have any more ideas? Share it with us! This is a quick and easy we can get. Gifts like scented candles, plants or even blankets are perfect unseasonable gifts for this season! Get your list ready, it’s shopping time!


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