The Freshest and Brightest Fruity Range for Winter

The Freshest and Brightest Fruity Range for Winter

As you probably already know by now, you don't need a special reason to light a scented candle. Sparking a candle has this way of making any mundane activity feel like a self-care moment. Even without being lit, their fragrances waft through a space, giving your home its own signature scent.

As the days get shorter and chillier, it's the perfect season to start reaching for refreshing scents that brighten up a gloomy day. From citrussy favourites to the soft and sweet honey pear, these are the best scented candles to light up whenever the mood strikes.

Iced lemon

The best word to describe this candle is bright. It will remind you of so many things, like a tropical island, or a crisp iced lemonade, or just all around nose-pleasing smells. Light this when you are lounging around at home. It will transport you to another place with just a whiff.

Honey pear

The Honey Pear candle has the soft, yet sumptuous scent of pears. Its musk and balsamic notes lend themselves to the scent's heirloom elegance. Nothing will kick-start your cravings for a fresh bowl of fruit salad like a whiff of EKAM’s Honey Pear candle. Citrussy, fresh, and herbaceous, its orange and green top notes are a unique alternative to the more flower-forward scented candles out there.

Juicy pineapple

Some candles are a treat-yourself moment in and of themselves. This soy-wax, scented candle doesn't just smell good and look good, but it does good too. The minute you light it, it will lift your mood even on the rainiest of days. The candle lasts a long time, and the scent goes far so you only need to it have it lit for a little bit for the pineapple, pear, banana, and creamy coconut to waft throughout the air.

Orange blossom

This candle smells so fresh! It has a citrus scent, but not super strong or overly sweet. You will love leaving the room for a moment and coming back to its scent! It makes for a great one to light in any room for a relaxing radiance. The notes of citrus, strawberry, lily, orange blossom and neroli strike the perfect perfumed balance.

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