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Decorate your home beautifully with festive candles this Diwali

Decorate your home beautifully with festive candles this Diwali

Diwali is the most awaited time of the year and we can’t help but make an early start on the festivities. With this festival right around the corner, it’s time to start sprucing up the home.

While making drastic changes may not be possible at this time due to the COVID pandemic, there are tonnes of ways you can light up the indoors and the outdoors of your home so that it looks good as new. This is the time to spruce up your space and think about simple ways to give your home a makeover. Here we list out four simple ways in which you can do exactly that.

Tea-light candles and floating candles are a chic, inexpensive way of creating that gorgeous glow and a touch of magic for this festive season as the nights draw in. Not only are they proven to help calm us down with the warm glow and flicker of the flame, you can also use these scented candles to mix aromas, create a mellow atmosphere and change the light in a room to highlight certain elements - like placing them by a mirror to add to the depth and reflective shine of the piece.

Tea-light candle holders hanging from tree

Evoke a rustic look by hanging tea lights in cookie jars from tree branches. With a pair of pliers, cut garden wire into 40 centimetre lengths and wind it around the jar in the groove below the thread for the lid. Secure it with a twist and create a handle with the remaining wire which can be looped back into the wire around the neck of the jar.


Tea-light candles on balconies and around the home

Use different styles of tea light holders, from diyas to glass tea light holders to create a cohesive feel. The glass holders generally throw out as much light as possible.


Floating candles as a centrepiece

Make your living room more warm and welcoming by adding a centerpiece, from wooden, glass or stone you can choose any type of vessel, place it where you want to create a centerpiece. Start off by decorating flowers and their petals on the boundaries so the vessel sits in the middle.

You can make layers with different colors of flowers, for example, orange-red or red and white.  Fill the bowl with water, put some flowers inside and top it all by placing floating candles.

Tea light candles with rangoli

 The time has come to acknowledge the festival’s customs with rangoli decorations. Rangoli is a cost-effective way to decorate your house, and is preferred in most of the homes celebrating Diwali. It looks beautiful in appearance and the cocktail of colours in rangoli indicate diversity in life. Brighten up your artistic rangoli pattern with tea-light candles.

Showcase your exquisite taste with floating candles and tea light candles to add a sophisticated charm to your home; express your creativity with endless possibilities of classy, elegant decor. Check out our festive range of candles at

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