Exclusive Fragrances from Ekam

Pamper yourself with Ekam's Exclusive Fragrances

Why does smell matter?

Smell is one of the most powerful of human senses. It evokes feeling and brings back memories. Not just that, smell alerts us from danger and even attracts us towards someone. It is smell that tells us how delicious a certain food is, or how polluted the Earth is. Studies show, bad smell creates a sense of pain in the human body. How do you react when smelling the dustbin, or something burning?

The concept of odour elimination is not new to the world. In fact, fragrances have been used to cover-up odour since antiquity. In modern times, a variety of products are used to eliminate several unpleasant odours. People are easily attracted to good smell and more often than not associate good smell with some memory or moment.

Here are some Ekam fragrances that we think you might be attracted to:


                                            Handmade soaps

Handmade soaps from Ekam

Green Tea

With the richness of pure green tea, this luxury handmade soap pulls out dirt and impurities, and reduces blemishes to give you flawless skin every day. It will leave a subtle scent in your body for the rest of the day.

Honey Vanilla

You’ll love the way the honey and vanilla work together to deep cleanse your body and retain the natural moisture of the skin. Enjoy the sweet aroma that is sure to freshen up your mind as well.

Neem Aloe Vera

With the powerful combination of Neem and Aloe Vera, this luxury soap helps retain the moisture into your skin, while cleansing it. The strong scents of Neem and Aloe Vera will definitely enhance your bath-time.

Tea Tree Luxury Soap

 This luxury soap is loaded with the anti-oxidizing elements of tea tree extracts that deep cleanses your skin without making it dry. It is very gentle on the skin and leaves a delicate perfume onto it.


                                            Maldives Collection

Maldives Collection from Ekam

Coco Island Sunscreen Lotion

This powerful sunscreen lotion by Ekam protects your skin from the brutality of the summer-sun and concurrently moisturizes it. Enjoy the lightweight formula of the lotion that quickly goes into the skin, leaving it soft and non-greasy.

Golden Sand Body Polisher

It is a replenishing body polisher - loaded with the purest ingredients – which helps remove dead cells with gentle care. It rejuvenates your senses with the soothing aroma, while deeply moisturizing your skin.

Island Fruits Lip Balm

Take on the thousand tropical fruits on your lips with this sweet-scented lip balm. Crafted to be light, Island Fruits keeps your lips soft and cheery all day long.

Sea Breeze Facial Mist

A quick splash facial mist of Sea Breeze in hot sunny days is as refreshing as the touch of morning breeze. It not only gives your skin a cooling sensation, but also maintains pH balance of the skin, hydrates it, and leaves a sweet scent on it.

Pink Coral Moisturizing Lotion

The light consistency and sensual fragrance of Pink Coral will surely make you fall for it. With Almonds, Macadamia nuts, Milk and Glycerine, this non-sticky Moisturizing lotion nourishes your skin to give you a day long moisturization.

Sea of Starts Back & Feet Relaxing Gel

Glycerine and Aloe Vera together with Cucumber extracts serve you a wonderful massage experience while treating sunburn and hydrating the skin. This light and non-greasy gel with its soothing aroma is something you will appreciate after a long tiring day to relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

Shimmering Rays Face and Body Mask

Shimmering Rays protects your skin from sun damage and adds moisture to it. Removing toxin and balancing the skin’s pH level, it makes your skin shimmer and shine even during the harshest days of midsummer.

Voyage Wave Handmade Luxury Bathing Bar

Experience the chill of ocean waves every time you bath with Voyage Wave by Ekam. Made with Glycerine, Aloe Vera and Sugar, this hand-crafted luxury soap keeps your skin fresh, soft, and moisturized throughout the day.

                                           Moisturizing Lotion

Moisturizing Lotion from Ekam

 Blue Waves

The right blend of Vitamin E and Aloe Vera provides lasting moisturization and maintains the youthful skin. This light moisturizing lotion keeps your skin soft and supple without making it too oily.

All About You

With the powerful combination of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, this moisturizing lotion soothes your skin and provides non-sticky moisturization all day long. Enjoy the wonderful fragrance of All About You that is sure to lift your mood.

Sensual Red

It is an exquisite blend of hydrating and soothing components of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E that leaves the skin visibly radiant yet oil-free. It will leave a sensuous scent into your skin for the rest of the day.

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