Gift Ideas for your Mother’s Special Day

Gift Ideas for your Mother’s Special Day

Mother’s Day is that one day in the year that makes us all scamper about trying to find the best gift to give our mothers. All she expects, really, is a bag of love – thoughtful and simple. However, it’s also something she can use! Let’s get real, none of us really wants gifts we can keep on the corner table as a showpiece.

Here’s some of our suggestions for what you can gift your mum, or even your grandma, from Ekam.

A basket of candles

Every mother has a unique décor plan for the different spaces of the house. These plans can be made much better when a fragrance is appointed to each of these spaces. We have a wide range of fragrances in candles, and the candles themselves come in various forms – Like Pillar Candles, Lampshade Candles, Various Jar Candles and Soy Candles. Choose candles of different fragrances, put them in a woven basket, and make a lovely gift of it!

An oil warmer with fragrance oils

oil warmer with fragrance oils

When you just can’t decide on which fragrance to choose for your mum, because maybe she herself likes the varieties for her different moods, you can always play it safe with the oil warmer. The oil warmer can be used with different Fragrance Oils at different times, and these will last a long, long time! you can choose from ceramic oil warmerselectric oil warmers, and premium oil warmers.

Range of products of her favourite fragrance

Does your Mum have a favourite flower? Or does she adore the smell of a certain fruit? Make her day by getting scented candles, essential oils, handmade soaps, and fragrance oils of her favourite fragrances. To be surrounded by the aromas that you love is to have many peaceful days. She is sure to love her spaces smelling like her favourite fragrance.

A bathing collection

We have several sets of our bathing collections kept ready to be given as gifts. Explore our Bathing collection page and find your pick to suit your mother the best. Each set consists of a handmade soap, a shower gel, and a moisturising lotion. Mum’s self-pampering times will be a real treat with these products.

Make your own set of chosen items

Spa range

Your mother knows you best! And, in most cases, it’s true the other way around too. When you know what your mother loves best, make her a gift basket of your own. Put together a set of both air-care products and body-care and well-being products. Choose from our Spa range some handmade soaps, massage oils and face masks, maybe a reed diffuser set for her living room, or – to be safe – just ask her what she wants (because, in the end, mother knows herself best!)

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!

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