Here comes the Sun

Here comes the Sun

Winter months are a good time for reflection. We might see the world as a complex but beautiful place, transitioning through many patterns, phases, and stages of life. We realise that nothing ever stands still, that nothing really maintains its present state or identity forever.

Transformation happens naturally and is instrumental to man’s development. It is unavoidable and inevitable. Seasons come and seasons go, but you could say that the transition from winter to summer is the hardest, as it could be an extreme change. It could take a toll on you, your health and also your skin.

Below are a few ways by which you can keep your skin healthy and glowing all summer without too much effort-


Summer is a time of year when most people develop naturally sweaty, greasy skin. We  tend to reduce oil usage during summer but try Ekam’s non-sticky massage oils.  A        perfect blend of simple ingredients, these    oils are ideal for summer use. They come      in four different variants. Detox, Muscle Relaxing, Emotional Well Being and Mental Clarity, each suitable for different skin types. Made with hand-picked ingredients, they will help you to de-stress in the comfort of your home. These massage oils are just the pick-me-up you need to soothe your body and mind after a long day.

Using the right Moisturiser

It is very important to use the right  moisturiser during summer months.  Certain  summer days tend to get muggy and humid  and it can make you hot and bothered.  Ekam’s range of moisturising lotions helps  to keep your skin soft, supple and well-hydrated. Available in four exciting fragrances - Sensual Red, Blue Waves, All About You and Pink Coral. You will surely find the right one for your skin type. As they lock in moisture, your skin feels hydrated and nourished all day.

Proper Exfoliation

Summer is a time when you need to take special care of your skin and keep it exfoliated. Dust, pollution, heat, and humidity are factors which contribute to impairing/damaging the health of your otherwise perfect/fuss-free skin. Ekam’s face scrubs are great for summer skin. Enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera and Green Tea, Sparkling Green Face Scrub is a must-try. The hydrating properties of Aloe are perfectly paired with the anti-oxidizing properties of Green Tea, making it best suited for parched skin.  Green Tea and Walnut leaves you squeaky clean with spotless, oil-free skin.

Regular Facial care

 The best way to keep your skin hydrated,   glowing and spotless is to wash off grit and grime regularly. During summer months,   skin tends to get sticky and dirty very quickly.  Hence it is important to take extra care. Ekam’s Sea Spa face wash is enriched with the aromatic scents of Rosemary Oil and is aimed at refreshing skin and awakening senses. Tea Tree Oil and Glycerine have antiseptic properties which helps your skin retain its moisture and stay hydrated for a long period of time. It leaves your face with a healthy glow that lasts all day.


Stepping out in the scorching summer heat can be quite tiring. There are harmful UV rays that can cause damage to your skin in ways you do not realise. Therefore, SPF or sunscreen is a must have during this season. Ekam’s Coco Island Sunscreen Lotion protects your skin from the unwanted rays of the sun by keeping the moisture locked in. It contains Glycerine which helps with the same. Long lasting and Scented, carry this with you to beat the heat!

Go ahead with confidence and take over this Summer, with Ekam.

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