Embrace the Monsoons with Ekam

Embrace the Monsoons with Ekam

The monsoons may be a boon to some people and a bane to others. But we at Ekam believe that rain showers are a relief from the scorching heat and can truly be a blessing. The rains bring about a sense of euphoria and cosiness like no other time of year. Even though the clouds seem to be dark and gloomy when the heavens open up, it washes everything clean. (As the first droplets hit the parched earth, it drinks it up thirstily and brings with it the promise of harvest and new life;) you want to dance in the rain and have paper boat races.

For office-goers and commuters, trying to sidestep puddles while balancing their umbrella, or dodging splashes from vehicles passing by can be bothersome, but once you’re back in the comfort of your own home, safe and dry, you just want to snuggle under a blanket, have a hot cuppa, and enjoy the weather in all its glory. 

We regard indulgence to be a necessity at these times. Take a look at our range of candles which are available in alluring scents- they are the perfect mood-setters for an enchanted monsoon evening. Whether you like the strong scents of Jasmine, Rose, Lemongrass or the milder scents of Vanilla, Lavender, or even Cotton, we have an exciting collection to suit your every need. Draw up a bubble bath, light a candle, take in the refreshing aromas, and drive away the blues.

One of our most popular products is the lampshade candle. These unique candles are a favourite among all our customers. They are perfect to complement any setting whether it is your home or your office.They are the perfect home décor item to make any ambience feel, and look more appealing. Line them up to make your very own rainbow. Play your favourite song, tune into your thoughts, and let your creativity flow.

If you love and live aromatherapy, you should definitely try our wax melts.
Wax melts are basically small cubes of scented wax which are melted in a warmer, and the fragrance will dissipate everywhere. Like the candle range, they too come in a wide range of floral, earthy, and fruity scents. The advantage of wax melts is that they do not require a flame and therefore are safe to be used anywhere. So if you want to lift your mood up and indulge in some aromatherapy, our Ekam store should be your go-to place!

You can find our range of products at Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore and also at our latest store in City Centre Mall, Mangalore. Come pamper yourself today

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