Balancing your Chakras for Better Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health

Balancing your Chakras for Better Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health

Modern medicine views the human body as tissues, organs, and cells, with thoughts seen as biochemical reactions in the brain.

Traditional medicines like Ayurveda believe our consciousness is separate from the body, flowing as life force energy. Illness occurs when energy is blocked. To heal the body, we must address these energy disturbances.

Many people are aware that physical well-being is related to their thoughts and feelings, (consciousness). We now also understand that stress is the root cause of most modern illnesses like heart attack & cancer. Please read our blog “Stress A Silent Killer” to know more.

As a result, holistic approaches to stress and physical ailments are gaining popularity, leading to the emergence of energy psychology and renewed interest in chakra balancing to treat stress-related diseases.

Understanding your Chakras

A Chakra at the simplest level is an organ in the body that manages energy. As per Ayurveda there are seven Chakras in our body that work with the other parts to keep the human body functioning well. These Chakras have a broad role, controlling certain physical parts, emotions, mental aspects, intuition, and even spiritual identity.

The main functions of Chakras are:

  • Physical function: Each Chakra manages specific organs and body parts. For example, the First Chakra in the hips controls the bladder, rectum, and adjacent areas. Issues like bladder infection are thus related to the First Chakra.
  • Psychological function: Chakras influence our beliefs and emotions. The First Chakra governs feelings of safety, security, love, and worthiness. Early experiences, like abandonment, can impact the First Chakra and affect us over time.
  • Spiritual function: Chakras serve as steps toward enlightenment. Through yoga and meditation, you can tap into each Chakra, enhancing intuition & spiritual growth.

Here is a summary of each Chakra and their physical, psychological, and spiritual functions.

Aromatherapy and Chakra Balancing

Essential oils are an important part of the modern chakra medicine kit and boosts the process of healing, cleansing and balancing chakras. 

EKAM's chakra oils are expertly crafted using Ayurvedic principles to balance your chakras and enhance yoga and meditation practices. You can use them as follows:

  • Diffuse 10-12 drops in an aroma diffuser or oil warmer.
  • Add to a spray bottle and use as a freshener.
  • Add a few drops into the hot wax of one of our candles.
  • Add a few drops to potpourri.
  • Dot a few cotton balls and place them in corners of your house or in your cupboards.
  • Add drops to decorative padded clothes hangers.


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