5 Minute Meditation for Better Physical and Mental Health

5 Minute Meditation for Better Physical and Mental Health

In our fast-paced tec-driven world, we're bombarded with constant information, leading to sensory overload. For a respite from this overload, meditation is a practice to calm the mind and alleviate worries.

Recognized as a powerful relaxation technique, numerous studies confirm its mental and physical benefits.

1.Reduces Anxiety and Depression

 In Belgium, 400 students participated in a mindfulness program to assess its impact on stress, anxiety, and depression. Results showed that after six months, the practicing students had a lower likelihood of developing depressive symptoms.

Similarly, in a study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, 20 out of 22 patients with panic or anxiety disorders experienced reduced effects after three months of relaxation and meditation.

2.Better Decision Making

In a UCLA study, long-term meditators showed increased brain gyrification, linked to faster information processing. Meditators also formed memories more easily & made quicker decisions.

3.Improves Focus and Attention

In a University of California study, it was found that meditation improved focus on boring tasks. Just 20 minutes of practice boosts cognitive skills tenfold. It was found that meditators were able to form memories easier, make quicker decisions, and could process information at a higher rate overall.

4.Help Manage ADHD

In an ADHD study where 50 adults underwent mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, results showed increased awareness, reduced impulsivity, and hyperactivity.

5.Relieves Pain

A study on fibromyalgia had 11 patients received 8 weeks of mindfulness training. At the end, improved overall health and increased good days were reported.

6.Aids Multitasking

Selected students at Arizona and Washington universities underwent 8 weeks of mindfulness meditation training. These students showed improved memory & reduced stress when asked to do stressful multitasking tests.

7.Reduce Risk of Stroke and Heart Disease



In 2012, 200 high-risk individuals were asked to attend health/exercise or meditation classes. Over 5 years, the meditators reduced risk of death, stroke, and heart attacks by almost 50%!

8.Reduce High Blood Pressure

Zen meditation, specifically Zazen, lowers stress and high blood pressure, as confirmed by studies done. It’s believed that relaxation response techniques could lower blood pressure levels after three short months of practicing!

9.Live Longer

Ongoing research suggests meditation may impact telomere length, which affects cellular aging. When there is less cognitive stress, it helps maintain telomere and other hormonal factors.

10.Improves Positive Relationships and Empathy


Meditation fosters self-acceptance and a loving attitude toward oneself and others, nurturing positive relationships.

11.Decrease Feelings of Loneliness

As per a study published in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity-just 30 minutes of daily meditation reduces loneliness and lowers risks of premature death, depression, and potentially Alzheimer's.

Guide for 5 Minute Meditation

Despite the many benefits of meditation, many of us are worried about starting meditation because we do not know where to begin. Here is a quick guide to start you on your 5 minute meditation journey.

Do this for five minutes and come back to your day feeling increasingly light and invigorated!!!

Gradually, you can extend the time of these sessions & you’ll not only find yourself getting more productive and healthier but appreciating every moment of your day!


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