7 DIY Candle Holders that can beautify any space

7 DIY Candle Holders that can beautify any space

Candles won’t ever go out of style. Adding beauty, charm, and uniqueness, the candle holders enhance every piece of the candle. Placed on a wall or on a table, a perfect candle stand is an essential home decor item and can enhance any corner of your home. Here we have listed some beautiful DIY candle holders for you to lighten, brighten and warm up any space. With a few simple everyday items around your house and a little bit of creativity, you can make your own candle holder. They require some creativity and patience, but the result is totally worth it.

1. Lace candle holder

Transform Ekam’s glass jar candle holders into pure ambiance with a yard of lace. They are the perfect accessory for your table decorations.

2. Fruits

Turning an apple or an orange into a candle holder takes only a few minutes and it adds a whimsical and natural variety to table centerpieces or mantel décor. Scoop out the fruit and pop in a tea light candle.

3. Glitter candle holders

These glitter candle holders are guaranteed to make your table setting sparkle. Glue on a bit of glitter to Ekam’s shot glass candles, square cup or even ring jar candles and transform the look. Imagine how they will flicker and glisten on your tabletop. These look good on tables at weddings, for your seasonal décor, bridal showers or any party.

4. Elegant glass jar candle holders

 Create an enchanting and elegant atmosphere with the help of hand-painted glass jar candles.

5. Retro chic twine and glass candle holders

 An easy and inexpensive way to add character to an otherwise ordinary glass candle jar. Wrap some rope around a glass jar with some glue. Pop in a pillar candle or a tea light candle for a lovely glow. Give any space an organic, summery feel with this DIY.

6. Cinnamon Stick Scented Candle Holder

Are you into rustic décor? If your answer is yes, then you will love this next project which involves a handful of cinnamon bark to wrap around a pillar candle or a jar candle. Give your room a lovely natural-looking feel with this DIY.

7. Photo negative candle holder


Need something to do with all those unexposed negatives? Even if you’ve fully switched to digital, you can decorate your candle holder by using a black-and-white printout of your favorite photo on vellum or transparencies! This is a great idea for customized birthday or anniversary gifts.


Are there any more DIY projects you’d add to this list? Let us know in the comments section.


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