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Very Nyc Experience . Its a very Nice Product . I have orderd two Flavours from Ekam , one is Ekam Forest Pine ( Earlier) and Second one is Mahagony . Both Candles Fragnace are Devine, and Forest Pine Fragrance is my Favr8Thanku Team Ekam, for making such awesome Products

Kushal A.

Love the scent!

I have been purchasing from Ekam from past one year and I swear by their three wick candles. Lasts long enough and the scents are very natural unlike the wax smell which comes outof other high end brands. I will be purchasing more from them.The best ones according to me is the velvet rose and lavender one.

Aparna R.

Luxurious Candle

This is a must buy candle if you like luxurious fragrances. Beautiful candle. The first three wick that burns properly and doesn't get imbalanced.very nice candle at affordable prices

Priyanka G. 

Bestest scented candles in India

I ordered lemongrass variant of 3 soy wick candles... They are just fabulous....Smells so so good....Feels like a premium hotel or relaxing and calming... Highly highly recommend....First I ordered 4 lemongrass candles now they turned out be so excellent I have ordered 4 more candles... plz do check their website....obsessed with the candles!!!!!

Disha M.


My all time favorite. Always keep going back to vanilla. I have this scent in the 3 wick candle, shot glass and even the essential oil. If you are buying from Ekam for the first time then definitely go for this, No one can go wrong with vanilla. Love It.

Avanthika M.

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Why opt for 3 Wick Candles?

As the name suggests, these candles come with not 1 but 3 wicks that can be lighted all at once to enjoy stronger aroma

What is the burn time of 3Wick Candles?

3 Wick Candles offer a total burn time of 35 hours.

How do I choose the best fragrance for me?

To guide you in choosing a fragrance, you can have a look at the Fragrance Wheel image beside each candle
which will tell you which type of fragrance it is- woody, floral, fresh, etc.
You will also be able to see how intense the fragrance is designed to be-from
light to strong. Apart from that, there are a few scents that are absolutely perfect for certain
scenarios- like Lavender for better sleep, Lemongrass for a refreshing feel; Rose
for a romantic ambience, etc

What kind of wax and wick are used for these candles?

All our candles are made of eco-friendly soy wax and lead-free wick imported from Germany and
the U.S.

Can the lid be kept on while burning the candle?

No, the lid should not be kept on while burning the candle.

Are they smoke free?

Our candles are both smoke
and soot free.