Astrology is always so pleasurable to read. There is some underlying satisfaction that kicks-in when you sit down to read your zodiac sign’s prediction. It’s scary how bang-on they can be sometimes. Whether you go to them for some kind of validation or just love to see prophecies about your life, zodiac signs can get a little more than obsessive to read!


You ought to be a fragrance-lover if you’re on this blog right now. Even if you’re not, you’re definitely here for the zodiac signs. It’s a win-win either way. It’s strange how specific astrology can get. Each zodiac sign has a fragrance associated with it. Based on your zodiac’s temperaments, habits; we have curated a list of the zodiacs and a fragrance candle that your zodiac sign would love.

  1. ARIES


Fire baby Aries, you’re so bold, so independent. Your energy is contagious. You’re inspiring to so many people. For an assertive person like you, the best fragrance candle must be Black pepper and Neroli. Ekam’s new range of zodiac scented candles has one for Aries with Black pepper and Neroli with Frankincense. Neroli is so perfect for an optimistic mind like yours and is perfectly balanced out with Frankincense that instills calmness and prevents short temperateness. Top notes of camphor, middle notes of spicy and base notes being woody makes the perfect candle for you.





There you are nature babies. You love the smell of the earth, flowers. You’re naturally stable-minded but ironically stubborn, but at least it helps you get things your own way. The perfect scented candle for you would be Honeysuckle and Magnolia. Top notes including floral and fruity scents. Middle notes rose and lily for the earth sign in you. Ekam’s Taurus scented candle smells like a melted human Taurus. That’s a scary image, whoops. But the candle is quintessential Taurus!





You change your mind like Lady Gaga changes her clothes at the MET but Gemini babies, y’all are so positive about life, it’s so great. Ekam’s Bergamot and Mint is the best combination for an inquisitive mind like yours. You’re twice the fun, and that’s how your candle must be. With lemongrass, sweet pea and peppermint as your notes, you will find a way to curb your temperamental behavior. Ruled by Mercury, cheerful yellow is the color for you!




You’re a little softie on the inside. A hard exterior is how you like to roll through. For your soft interior, jasmine and lily would suit your zodiac personality best. Top notes include citrus and middle notes are floral jasmines and rose. For your hard exterior, balsamic base notes in your fragrance candle are the best. You’re so moody, we love it. Chamomile and yarrow are warm fragrances that will help you with mood swings. Ekam’s Cancer Zodiac candles smell exactly how you want them to. It’s your prophecy in a jar!



  1. LEO


If the zodiac signs were in a popularity contest, you, Leo, would likely win. You're bold, fire-y, and the life of the party all the time. For a creative mind like yours, earthy basil and rosemary are your go-to fragrances. It’s spicy, citrusy and green! Leo’s many meanings include warmth and creativity. Notes like ginger, basil, rosemary etc., blend so perfectly with your warmth. It helps to maintain your energy levels; that is always fluctuating.




  1. VIRGO


Everything needs to be perfect. Your work, your schedule, your life, and of course your scented candle. Virgo babies, you need something consistent in your life; and what better than Patchouli and Sage. Woody vanilla as a base note is what makes the candle perfect for a perfectionist like you. A constant citrus top-note will keep your short-tempered mind in check!



  1. LIBRA


It’s all about balance for you! You’re so flirtatious, we love it. We’ll help you make up your mind, you always struggle to. The best fragrance for you would be Chamomile Daffodil. Aromatic lavender and clary sage give you the balance you yearn for! Ekam’s scented candles for Libras should be your best purchase.





A badass Scorpio like you gets a candle with a badass name, of course. Notes of floral, muguet represent your passion and fire, while woody base notes represent both your tough and sweet sides.





Sagi babies, you’re so enthusiastic! Qualities like positive thinking are a cherry on the top with you. Everybody loves you! For a warm personality like yours, bergamot and rosemary are the flavors for you. With a pinch of neroli and sweet spice in your notes, your scented candle will be your best friend. You should try out Ekam’s Sagittarius candles.







Capricorn babies, you're stubborn and tend to overwork yourself, so you need a candle that will keep this earth sign grounded and relaxed. Floral scents like Tulip and Lilac are what your body yearns for! With base notes like vanilla and musk, you will bask in your scented candle.




Aren’t the Aquarius babies so rare! You deserve a candle that emulates exactly that. Lavender and Patchouli scented candles are for an ambivalent mind, like yours! A kick of spice and woody scents in your notes won’t do you any wrong. You need stress relievers for your mind and Ekam’s Aquarius candle is highly recommended.





Nothing else could describe you better than a water baby! Even the colors associated with Pisces is indigo and shades of blue. Water plants like Jasmine and Orchids are the best choice for you. A little bit of green aldehydic citrus as your top note in your scented candle will do you good! You can’t function alone, and a scented candle could be your functionality card.



Did you identify with any of the traits? We’re quite sure that the scents suggested here fit like a puzzle to your zodiac sign. Try these out. In a mystical world like ours, you never know what will work out for you!  



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