How to Recycle Your Old Candle Jars

Here are some easy ways to reuse/recycle your used candle jars. The core of it is to let your creative side out and you’ll find endless possibilities!

  1. Before you can reuse your empties, make sure to scrape out any remaining wax left in the jar. Then, clean it down with a dry cloth.
  2. Take any jar and wrap decorative paper around it; you can also use your own papier mâché (this is nothing but dipping strips of paper into glue and then letting them dry). On top of this new covering, you can stick on pieces of glitter, magnetic seashells, etc. This way, you can create any vibe you are in the mood for.
  3. If you’re not into crafts, you can simply place the jars carefully in areas of your rooftops, kitchen sills, etc., filling them with water. Place it so that birds may alight and quench their thirst
  4. If the jar is too small for either of the above, you can always opt to store small trinkets or coins in it. This can help with some of the clutter you might otherwise have to deal with. Or, even just prop your pens and pencils in it.

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