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DIY uses of Fragrance Oils

DIY uses of Fragrance Oils

DIY uses of Fragrance Oils

If you’ve been following what really goes around my life, it would be hard not to notice that I am a self-proclaimed fragrance expert. Let me be candid with you, I’m not all that of an expert but there have been some experiments conducted with fragrance oils — because of the number of fragrance oils I own — and I think that I have found some uber cool methods to use essential oils. 

Now, most of my products are from Ekam and they work real wonders. Not a lot of people purchase fragrance oils but let me give you reasons why you should seriously look into buying fragrance oils. 


Make your own fragrance

1) Make your own fragrance

No, you don’t have to turn into a scientist for this. It’s as simple as buying an oil fragrance and adding a few drops of it to a bottle of water. Have this in a bottle with a nozzle to spray out the fragrance. It’s so much lighter than a room freshener and the fragrance stays for a while.

 Fragrance oil and oil burners

2) Fragrance oil and oil burners

This is an old trick in the book. Oil burners are the oldest methods of scenting a room. Add a few drops of fragrance oil to the water in the bowl of the oil burner and light a candle under it. This is something that I use in my house and it’s absolutely amazing. I use the Ekam lavender fragrance oil and a few minutes into lighting it, I find myself so relaxed.

 Smelly socks

3) Smelly socks and shoes

This by far is my most favorite use of fragrance oils. Sometimes you can’t help but stink up the insides of your sports shoes, especially after a good game of basketball. By adding 2-3 drops of fragrance oil to the inside of the shoes or even on your socks, you can prevent the bad odor. It has worked for me and I’ve recommended it to all my basketball friends.

 Fragrance oils and paper

4) Fragrance oils and paper

This may sound strange but before giving someone a letter or postcard; I slip in a drop of fragrance oil on the paper. You can only imagine how good the letter would smell. The fragrance stays on for a bit, making the paper smell the way you want.

 Fragrance oils and lotions

5) Fragrance oils and lotions

Most of my lotions are fragrance free because of how healthy it is for my skin but adding a few drops of my favorite fragrance oil gives me the exact scent I want and also adds oil to the lotion which is great for my skin. I’ve never experienced any side effects to this and I highly, highly recommend this.


Well, these are a few tips and tricks of using  fragrance oils that have come to rescue. Before I got into the habit of buying fragrance oils, I obviously wasn’t aware of all of these benefits. With a little research and lots of trial-and-error methods, I realized how valuable fragrance oils can be. Hope this is of any help to all you fragrance lovers. Go ahead, get yourself some fragrance oils!

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