Daily CBT Exercise to Control Stress and Anxiety

Daily CBT Exercise to Control Stress and Anxiety

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is making waves worldwide for its effectiveness at tackling issues like anxiety, depression, and those pesky panic attacks.

So, what's the magic behind CBT? It's all about teaching your brain to spot negative thoughts and behaviors, then swapping them out for positive ones.

Here are some super-easy CBT exercises you can do daily. They'll help you understand your emotions, dig into what's causing them, and give you the tools to manage those emotions and triggers.


  1. Self-Monitoring: Discover How You Feel

Every day, think back to a moment when you felt a strong emotion, good or bad. Then, figure out if it was sadness, anger, happiness, or fear (or all 4) that had you in its grip.

You can note it down in your journal like so:

  1. Identify Situations That Trigger Moods and Feelings

Once you've pinpointed what situations sparked strong positive or negative moods, it's time to get curious about why you felt the way you did.

Think back to three situations from the past month. Describe them, including your feelings and moods. Don't forget to jot down any good stuff that happened too. This exercise will help you navigate similar situations without feeling overwhelmed. An example:



  1. Feel Better Strategies

When upset or stressed, we tend to resort to self-destructive habits like overeating or smoking. With CBT, you can retrain your brain's response.

Here's the plan: Make a list of mood-lifting strategies, write them on colorful index cards, and review them daily. This will boost your inner strength & act as reminders and action plans for those emotional moments.



This exercise will help you understand & better manage your emotions. For extreme stress/overwhelming feelings, please consult a medical professional. 

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