8 signs that you are in a toxic relationship.

8 signs that you are in a toxic relationship.

Holding hands, late-night talks, lovey-dovey eyes…who hasn’t experienced these or wanted to? While entering a relationship can feel like magic, it’s also natural that some of the charm fades away with time. Maybe you’ve drifted apart or more commonly, come to see the other person as a whole--flaws included…and that’s only human.

However, you may have a gut feeling that something isn’t right or working out. When do you need to take it seriously? Well, here are 8 signs that tell you that it is high time to move out of the relationship (and not just a case of becoming bored or simple lack of communication).

  • Lack of boundaries: Your partner does not respect your personal boundaries, or you are too intimidated to set them.
  • Narcissistic Behavior: Your partner always comes out ‘right’ in arguments and leaves you feeling small, unworthy, and in the wrong.
  • Verbal Aggression: Do you dissolve in tears frequently? Hurting over the names they called you, (indirect) threats, or the insults they casually hurl?
  • Judgement/Criticism: Your partner constantly criticises whatever you do and sound like they know better than you. You can start to believe that you need their advice and guidance in every sphere and your own opinions matter less and less.
  • Jealousy: Always on edge because you’re worried if they will misinterpret stuff? To the point they need to know where you are, who you are talking to, etc.? Their jealousy may compel you to cut off friendships, lie about things, etc.
  • Lack of honesty: Are they not transparent about things or habits? Do they try to twist the truth some way?
  • Physical Abuse: You partner is physically abusive and tries to intimidate, isolate, and control you.
  • Substance Addiction: Your partner is addicted to a substance and is not in control of how they act/react when on it or are in constant lookout to get it.

While communication can go a long way and you might be able to tackle things together by speaking up, you are never to ignore these signs. If left unchecked, you could find yourself in a very messy situation where your physical, or mental well-being is threatened. If so, do not hesitate to seek the help of police/local agencies, and confide in someone you trust.

So, before you enter any relationship and let it turn toxic, here are some things you can do:

  1. Clearly set your boundaries that you should never allow to be crossed.
  2. Learn to communicate clearly so that your feelings are properly understood and to avoid any dishonesty.
  3. Hold on to the initial magic by making time for each other, travelling together, etc.
  4. Most importantly, make time to connect with yourself and check in with & balance your own emotions. You can try tools like yoga, aromatherapy, journalling, and more.

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