7 Reasons to Use Scented Candles

7 Reasons to Use Scented Candles

7 Reasons to Use Scented Candles

The smell of sandalwood agarbattis that have been lit up; linger even through the holes of a dupatta; with bright orange ends, almost the same colour as the marigolds kept beside the feet of God. The ash collected, as the size of the incense stick reduces, becomes one with the ground.
These are the memories and images that fill every corner of your head when you think of poojas and rituals. It almost always reminds you of a special occasion. Traditionally, we all have been introduced to incense sticks at a very young age. Almost most of us directly associate incense sticks as part of a ritual or as an offering to the gods.
As much as we love incense sticks, there is a less messy version around; that is underappreciated. Scented Candles.
Incense sticks do perform the same way as scented candles. And for someone who likes to fill up space with a strong fragrance, it works even better.
But there is something sensual, relaxing and covet about scented candles.

Here’s some solicited advice on why we believe that every fragrance lover should possess scented candles:

1. Stress buster


The minute you light the wick of a scented candle on fire and allow the smell to linger, you can feel yourself destressing and unravelling. Light-up one of Ekam’s Lavender scented candles, or Lemongrass scented candles and excite your odour receptors.

2. A better source of light

A study has been conducted on how yellow artificial/ natural light is better for concentration than white.

What could be better than lighting one of Ekam’s lavender, vanilla or lemongrass scented candles? Don’t mix up the scents. Pick one and with it, switch on a small yellow light in your house. You will find yourself concentrating better with relaxed body language and a stress-free mind.

3. Decorate and recreate!

We think that scented candles can be used so organically and effortlessly to decorate a house and completely amp the look. Imagine lighting the candles on a special occasion and having each corner of your house smell ambrosial. Recreate the look of your home with sweet-smelling scented candles. Ekam’s decorative candles are really easy on the eyes too! Just go have a look at our Gold Ceramic Jars or lampshade candles that can transform any corner of your homes or any space.

4. Aromatherapy

We’ve said this once, we’ll say it twice and we’ll say it a thousand times! Aromatherapy is so beneficial to you and your mental health. We’ve talked about the benefits of aromatherapy in our blogs before. It helps alleviate stress, anxiety and even prevents from having anxiety and panic attacks. The biology behind how chemicals are released due to certain scents is so fascinating to us. Ekam’s Lavender, Lemongrass, Rosemary and Vanilla scented candles are just a few of the fragrances that you can use to start your aromatherapy today!

5. Gift them!

Scented candles are a beautiful gift to give to someone. They look presentable, smell great and work perfectly right for the pocket. Ekam’s website has a whole section dedicated to gifts. Isn’t it so much more convenient to gift someone scented candles? You got to love them!

6. They’re warm and friendly.

By warm, we mean both the temperature and the warmth and coziness scented candles introduce in our bodies. On a cold day, wrap yourself up in a furry blanket and light up a scented candle. The beautiful fragrance will fill your room up and enliven your senses. Huddle and cuddle up with your friends in a sweet-smelling room; along with Ekam’s Rose Scented Candles.

7. Scents are original and personal.

Use your favourite scented candle to make your place smell like it’s truly yours. Humans often make associations of people with their smells. The fragrance coming from your home is personal and brings comfort and confidence. If you’re unsure of a fragrance that you can make personal, you can’t go wrong with Ekam’s Vanilla Scented Candles. They instantly uplift your mood and bring along an undertone of sensuousness to your home.




Hope we’ve given you enough reasons to switch-up and get yourself scented candles. They last longer! We’ll be back with some more tips and hacks about fragrances and how you can introduce them into your lives. Stay tuned and happy fragrance shopping y’all!



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