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5 Ways to help your perfume last longer

5 Ways to help your perfume last longer

To ensure you get the best shelf life out of your prized perfumes, here are a few tips you can follow

1. Store your perfume in a dark place

Unfortunately, the introduction of light breaks down a scented liquid’s makeup and can melt its bottle too if it’s plastic. To avoid altering the sensitive DNA of a fragrance, store your bottle in a place free of both natural and man-made light. The worst place to put it would be on the windowsill as it is being exposed to direct sunlight and heat." This causes the scent to break down faster, particularly if the glass is clear. If you're the type who doesn't mind extending your vanity to your kitchen, the best place to stash your scent is in the fridge, and if you decide to do so, we recommend leaving it there. Temperature fluctuations can also add stress to your scent, and as a result, cut its lifespan short.

2. Store your perfumes in a dry place

Perfumes typically have a shelf life of 3 to 5 years when stored correctly, but depending on the notes used, the timeline can vary.  Similar to other substances, water damage will destroy a fragrance. Humidity affects a perfume’s make-up and can cause unwanted chemical reactions to occur. This can be tough to avoid if you’re in a humid environment. Have a room with a dehumidifier? This is the ideal place to store your fragrances. 

3. Keep your perfume in the original box

Storing a bottle within the original box can drastically increase the life of a fragrance. When paired with a closet or dark cupboard, you have a fail-safe method of essence endurance.

4. Keep the Bottle Sealed When Not in Use

Oxygen is perfume’s worst enemy. Leaving a bottle unhinged for even a couple hours can start to ruin the mixture’s balance and catalyze its evaporation.

5. Use Smaller bottles of perfume while traveling

With proper precautions, even the most expensive of scents can be kept perfectly safe. Feel free to take a look at our perfume collections knowing now that you can keep them new for longer than ever.

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