Fragrances for the purest heart

Fragrances for the purest heart

“Mother’ is magic in any language” —Arlene Benedict
Finding the right words or the perfect gift for your mother is nearly impossible- because nothing would ever be enough to show her how much she means to you. For someone whose love is boundless and with us every second of our lives. You could travel all the world, but nothing would come close to her love for you. Still, we’re just as grateful to have a special day where we can attempt to show we care about them- a lot. For this Mother’s Day, we’ve designed fragrances in the form of candles for all the deserving mothers out there-which is, every mother! Meet-

Floral Nectar, Jasmine & Violets, Lilac Blossoms, and Raspberry

1.Floral Nector: Smells just as exquisitely soft and tender as a mother’s essence. We thought back to some of our childhood memories. When the sunlight would stream in through the window, illuminating her eyes. Soft in the glow, full of unspeakable tenderness and love towards her precious little one. The silk of her saree lightly grazing our faces as the wind played with it. We wanted to encapsulate in fragrance form everything that felt soft about her. Right down to her very touch. Made with sweet exotic, sandalwood, and soft floral notes, Floral Nectar smells just as gentle as you would expect it to.

2.Jasmine & Violets: Holds in its fragrance pure admiration for moms. The way they walk with a certain grace and style even after a hard day’s work. The way they talk to you, explaining something for the millionth time, but, with the same look of indulgence in their eyes. The way the whole house gravitates around them, the way a room lights up as they walk in, always in a hurry, but, yet, never failing to have a certain hard-to-describe charm and elegance to them. The fragrance is fresh and fills you with a buzz of energy with its green, vanillic, musky notes. Think of Jasmine & Violets as the aroma of freshness you associate with mothers.

3.Lilac Blossoms: Attempts to capture that special feminine essence that is in every mom, but so grounding and stable in its effect on you. The fragrance is made with notes of lilies, tea, and musk, in a powdery, woody base. When you inhale it, it is like you are taking in the warmth and assurance that your mother’s perfume gives you. Holding you close to her. As she lets you know it’s all going to be okay and that you’re safe with her. You marvel at how this woman before you can appear so fragile and delicate yet have the strength of a thousand seas in her.

4.Raspberry Cream: It's sure to melt your heart with its adorable aroma! With notes of raspberry, rose, and tonka bean, you can be sure of bonding with your mom over how delicious it smells! The fragrance is captivating and intense and irresistibly sweet. Convince your mother to light it and watch as pure delight dances over her senses…. This is just perfect for setting an intimate, cozy atmosphere where you can have some quality bonding time, exchanging stories, laughing over memories, and just dote over her, the way she’s been doing all these years.

Find out the part of your mother that hits you most.

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Now, go light a candle as you lie beside her and #FeelGoodWithEKAM!