Best scented candles for Washroom

Best scented candles for Washroom

A private sanctuary to collect your thoughts, relax or simply get away from the noise outside. We're not talking about bedrooms here, but bathrooms!

For a space we're all too familiar with, don't you think it's essential to not just keep it clean but also have it smell great? Find out how you can make it look good & feel good with our scented candles:

  • Lime Mandarin Animal Series Candle

    Our Lime Mandarin Scented Candle in the shape of a fish will be perfect for when you take a bubble bath. Just take in the scent of sweet citrus & come out feeling refreshed!

  • Teakwood Ring Jar Scented Candle

    Have our Teakwood Ring Jar Scented Candle just outside the bathroom for a calming, outdoorsy scent. You can take it inside if you want to soak up the calm, sensual sandalwood scent!

  • Rose Chunk Jar Scented Candle 

    Create a spa ambiance in your bathroom using our Rose Chunk Jar Scented Candle with notes of rose and sandalwood. You can safely light it and place it near the bathtub, as it comes with a supportive base and lid. The pretty pink color also makes it a treat to look at.


  • Lemongrass Chunk Jar Scented Candle 

    Keep unpleasant odors away with our Lemongrass Chunk Jar Scented Candle. With a burn time of 35 hours, transform the space into a fresh, green sanctuary.

  • Orange Blossom Premium Soy Wax Candle, Fruity Series 

    Feel fresh and energetic as you take your shower with our Orange Blossom Premium Soy Wax Candle burning in the distance. There is an oceanic note that blends beautifully with the scent of orange, lemon, and neroli. 


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