5 ways to reuse diya holders

5 ways to reuse diya holders

We all wish Diwali would last forever, but, alas, the calendar moves on. With the festivities over, we end up with a lot of empty diya/tealight candle holders. Before you chuck them out, here are 4 easy DIY tricks to help you reconsider & get creative with your used diya holders.

  • Wall It!

    All you need are some empty diya/tealight holders & some hot glue. We recommend you have at least 15 or more clean empty diya cups to work with.
    Visualise a pattern you want to create for your wall. Arrange your empties and start gluing the diya holders to one another to make the pattern. Then, just hang it up on your wall, for a bohemian vibe to your space. For a more traditional vibe, you can paint traditional motifs over them, or attach beads/sequins.


  • One for the birds! 

    If you have birds that come to your house, you can arrange your empty diya holders atop your windows or high spots, filling them with water for the birds to quench their thirst. Paint them in bold colours like yellow or deep red to easily attract the birds.

  • Light a path! 

    Place empty tealight holders in a zig-zag manner on the path leading to your house/garden. Drop some finely cut flower petals into the containers. Then, carefully go around these with string lights. Once lighted, it will look very pretty. And cost you much less than heavy store-bought lighting. 

  • Bath time! 

    Next time you get into the bathtub, you can keep empty diya holders around the tub. Use them to put your bath salts, gels, powders etc. Anything you may need in small quantities. If nothing else, they can at least give off a sense of added luxury & let you enjoy your bath time even more! 

Which DIY are you excited to try asap? Let us know below! Send us pictures too!

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