EKAM Chakra Series Essential Oil Blend for Aromatherapy


Throat Chakra Diffuser Essential Oil Blend, Chakra Series<br>(Pick Any 4 & Get 25% Off)

Throat Chakra Diffuser Essential Oil Blend, Chakra Series
(Pick Any 4 & Get 25% Off)

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EKAM's Chakra Series of aromatherapy oils are made from pure essential oils. These aroma oils have been specially blended to help balance your chakras and strengthen your yoga practice so that you are able to successfully combat the stress of modern-day life and lead a fulfilling and content life. When used on a regular basis, especially in combination with diet, yoga and affirmations, you will see phenomenal benefits directly related to your chakras.

Importance of Chakras

The fifth chakra as its name suggests is located in the throat and is represented by the colour blue or turquoise. It is also represented by the physical element of ether.

A blocked Throat Chakra primarily manifests in an inability to say what you really want to say. You may feel like you are stuck holding onto secrets, that people don’t want to hear your thoughts, or that you can’t find the right words for your feelings. Once again, a small blockage may mean you only struggle with self-expression at work, or with a particular friend. Meanwhile, a significant misalignment may mean you constantly feel thwarted in communication. Physically, a blocked Throat Chakra may manifest into:

- Pain in the neck
- Sensitivity to hormone fluctuations
- Discomfort in throat tissue

Benefits & Usage

While there are several methods of unblocking and balancing our chakras, one of the fastest and most enjoyable ways is through the use of essential oils. EKAM's Throat Chakra Oil blend of Peppermint, Cypress, Roman Chamomile, Rosemary and Blue Tansy will help ease feelings of being overly delicate, withdrawn, or fearful and aid in spiritual growth.

Peppermint - Promotes insight into truth and dispels pride.
Cypress - Promotes confidence in your voice and opinion.
Roman Chamomile - Supports listening to others and calm and gentle speaking.
Rosemary - Promotes mental clarity and helps transform your thoughts into words.
Blue Tansy - Calms the mind. Promotes emotional stability, flexibility, and renewal

To maximize the benefit of Throat Chakra Oil use it during your yoga practice of Matsyasna, or fish pose. Stretching out our throats permits us to freely express ourselves through our unique voices.

How to use

Best used with EKAM's Aroma Diffuser and Humidifier. The diffuser uses ultrasonic vibrations to convert water and oil into a fine mist. This makes the product ideal for aromatherapy as it keeps the molecular structure of the essential oils intact while diffusing the oils widely in the air. Add 10-15 drops to the water of the bowl and enjoy the full benefits of aromatherapy through the humidifying mist that spreads through the whole room.

You can also use the oils with an electric or ceramic oil warmer.


Fragrance notes: Peppermint, Cypress, Roman Chamomile, Rosemary, Blue Tansy
  • Quantity: 10ml
  • MRP (Incl. of all taxes): ₹499
  • Mfg. date: Jan-2021
  • Best before: 24 months
  • Contains: 1 N of fragrance oil

Country of Origin: India

Manufactured by: La Scenteur Fragrance Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Baikampady Industrial Area, Mangaluru, Karnataka - 575011

Marketed by: Aromee Brands Pvt. Ltd., 3rd Floor, 401, Sairam Central Mall, Syndicate Circle, Anantha Nagar 1st Stage, Manipal, Udupi, Karnataka - 576104

Customer care: Aromee Brands Pvt. Ltd., Sairam Central Mall, Syndicate Circle, Manipal, Karnataka - 576104
Phone: +91-9686037943/+91-6366226493  |  Email: cs@ekamonline.com

* Please note these are diffuser fragrance oils and cannot be used on the skin

Throat Chakra Diffuser Essential Oil Blend, Chakra Series
(Pick Any 4 & Get 25% Off)

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