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Product Usage Guide

A few tips for you to enjoy Ekam products to the fullest:

  1. For Candles: We recommend burning one candle per every 8x10 sq ft of closed area for the fragrance to be effective Keep the candle away from wind draughts (open windows and passages) as a flickering flame gets blackened faster, besides being a safety hazard

  2. Before use, please read the cautionary information printed on the warning labels pasted on the base of all Ekam candles and/or packaging

  3. Remove all packaging materials before you light your Ekam candle, especially the acetate and labels from pillar candles

  4. Get mesmerized, allow your glass container candle to burn for at least an hour or two at the first lighting to ensure even burning and to allow optimum fragrance throw

  5. Burn your pillar candle one hour for every inch of its diameter to prevent it from tunneling. A 2x4 pillar must ideally be burnt for 2 hours, especially at the first lighting

  6. Rub the surface of your unlit Ekam pillar candle with a pair of nylons, this restores shine and fragrance

  7. Blackened candle containers are an ugly sight. Long wicks become sooty even if they are lead-free. Always keep the wick trimmed to .25 inch to prevent soot build up

  8. Our high fragrance content often leads to a wide wax pool which may shift the wick slightly. If needed, reposition the wick with extreme caution and with a fire-resistant object, back to the centre

  9. For Oil Warmers: In a normal sized bowl, 8-10 drops of our fragrance oil should be sufficient to give a good fragrance throw

  10. Wash the bowl of the oil warmer before you try a new fragrance to remove any residue of the previous one. Please use caution while touching the oil warmer, as it may retain heat for some time even after the t-light is extinguished.

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