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How are Ekam candles different from the other candles in the market?

Ekam candles are designed and produced specially for the Indian market.  All fragrances, colours and styles are created specially keeping in mind Indian preferences.

Ekam candles are superior quality candles and contain a higher percentage of fragrance--up to 7%--compared to our competitors. Our candles burn better and more evenly and pass the international ASTM quality requirements.

We use only the highest quality fragrances declared safe by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). All fragrances used by us are approved for sale even in the US and Europe.


Where are Ekam candles manufactured?

Ekam candles are manufactured in Mangalore by Primacy Global Enterprises Pvt Ltd—one of the largest manufacturers and Primacy Industries Ltd the largest exporters of candles in the world.

Primacy Industries exports fragranced candles to world’s biggest retailers including Wal-Mart, Pier 1, Dollar Tree, Candle Artisan, Bill Blass, etc.


What wicks are used in Ekam candles? 

Ekam wicks are 100% lead-free and imported from leading, internationally approved suppliers of Germany and the US. They are non-toxic and virtually give out no sooty flame.


What wax do Ekam candles use?

Ekam uses a mixture of vegetable-based wax and paraffin wax of the highest quality. The ‘Refreshers’ series by Ekam uses a patented formula to eliminate odours.


Why do pillar candles break or tunnel while burning? How are Ekam pillars different?

Pillar candles can tunnel if the wrong wick is used or if the wick is not correctly centered /placed.  Also if an incorrect wax to fragrance ratio is used in production.

Primacy has been making internationally appreciated pillar candles for over seven years, and Ekam pillars are produced after the same ‘burn tests’ for quality assurance.

With proper burning practice (go to link ‘Product Guide’), they will burn down evenly and as such, last longer.


Why is a candle of almost the same style or amount of wax priced differently?

Ekam candles are priced based on a variety of factors such as glass, wax composition and fragrance prices. Also, the production time involved. Like all other products, they may be re-priced at time of production due to inflation. Ekam maintains a one-MRP policy.

If you have any other queries, please feel free to send a mail at or fill up the contact form here

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