• 100% Essential Oil Blends
  • 100% Vegan
  • Cruelty Free

Aromatherapy benefits

100% essential oils aid in stress management and improving mental health

Balanced Life

Activation of the 7 chakras help in leading a balanced life

Widespread diffusion

Ultrasonic vibrations ensure optimal diffusion without breaking down molecular structure

Good night sleep

Essential oils and mist facilitate a good nights sleep

How it worked for them

So, I bought this since I've used EKAM candles as mainly gifts. Reading the benefits, I just took a chance to see...it's been 2 weeks and my room's like a mini-spa now :) refreshing, relaxing to come back to after long work days... I adjust the scent as per how strong I want it that day..and it's great!
Thanks, EKAM!

Kartik Jain, Thane

Psychological Signs of a Blocked chakra

Let us help you understand

Yes. We offer 12 months warranty.

Gently remove the upper lid of the diffuser. Pour water and fragrance/essential oils inside. Place the lid back on. Plug the adaptor attached to the diffuser, into socket & switch on.

We use pure essential oils extracted from medicinal, aromatic plants. These are then blended well to create each unique aromatic formulation.

Please store them somewhere dry and cool.

Please take care to only clean with a wet cloth and not to directly let water touch the diffuser. It is not necessary to keep cleaning after each use. You can clean before you use a different essential/fragrance oil.

• Do not move the diffuser while it is switched on.
• Keep the diffuser in a large, open space. Do not place anything directly above it.
• Essential oils are meant to enhance benefits/ease symptoms and Not meant as a direct replacement for medical advice. Please consult your doctor to see if the ingredients used are safe for you/would not cause you allergic reactions.

30 Days risk free trial*

30 days to experience a whole new level of calm, with fragrances for the soul and mind. If you wish to return the product, you may do so within the trial period.

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Chakra Series Aromatherapy Sets