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Diffusing scents, soothing the senses

Our range of aroma diffusers + humidifiers are ideal for scenting living rooms, bedrooms, spas, personal office space and small boutiques and shops. Comes free with a pack of 4 Mandala series fragrance oils.

₹ 3,500 ₹ 5,296

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Optimal Aroma Diffusion

Uses ultrasonic vibration technology

Restful Sleep

Soothes dry airways, reduces snoring, helps sleep better.

Good Health

Combats dry skin and sinuses.

Summer Companion

Helps cool down temperature in summer.

Safe around pets & kids

Free of soot, flame & any emission that would be a hazard.

Product Features

Adjustable mist density
Works for up to 16 hours
Covers up to 200 square feet.
Easy to maintain & clean
300 ml tank capacity
Ultra-silent (< 30 decibels)
Auto-off feature
Timer for 1/3/6 hours

FREE! 4 pack Mandala Oil

  • Relieve happy childhood memories with four beloved Indian fragrances (Tranquil Camphor, Peaceful Vetiver, Pristine Nagachampa & Divine Temple)
  • Inspired by age-old tradition of prayer and meditation
  • Crafted to uplift your spirit and alleviate your mind
  • Great aids to meditation and yoga
  • Create lasting memories by including these fragrances in your celebrations

2000+ Customer’s Trust

At EKAM, we are committed to blending the finest ingredients to create experiences that make our customers content. We blend technology, knowledge & fragrances to satisfy individual needs & the larger customer base.


All the products come with a 1- year warranty period. Products are accompanied by instruction manuals that help you make the most of your purchase.

Package comes with for of our premium Mandala series fragrance oils – Tranquil Camphor, Peaceful Vetiver, Pristine Nagachampa & Divine Temple.

Operated by electricity, our products are safe to use in literally any space-be it living room, spa, salon, reception areas and any other space you can think of.

Priority is given to prepaid orders; and, on an average, it takes us 7-10 days to deliver our products to your doorstep. In case of enquiries, please reach out to our customer support team @ +91-9686037943 / +91-6366226493 or drop us an email to