About Us

Ekam is a brand owned and manufactured by Primacy Global Enterprises Pvt Ltd (PGEPL). It has five candle manufacturing units – two in India and three in the US. It also manufactures many Aerosol products as well. PGEPL shares its parentage with some of the bestselling fragrant candles found in USA, Europe, Australia and other markets. And can be found in some of the world’s leading retail stores - Wal-Mart, Dollar General, Bath & Body Works, Tesco, Carrefour, Candle Artisan, etc.
We are extremely proud of our 'Made in India' candles and now our aim is to make Ekam the most preferred choice in Home Fragrances segment  and our store – Ekam Online facilitating to buy best scented candles and flameless fragrances online in India.
Ekam in Sanskrit vocabulary represents the ‘ultimate oneness', it is constant, formless, yet present inside everything in this universe. Broadly, it stands for 'one' or 'singular.' Ekam brand thus reflects our Indian identity.
The Ekam brand salience is Unique, Exotic, Rich. The Ekam products use the best possible raw materials and fragrances to deliver a customer experience that is truly Unique. The choice of fragrances, even when a popular variety, is made especially for the Indian customers through our global experience and is best described as Exotic. The stronger fragrance throw obtained by the best wax formulation and a higher fragrance dosage make the experience Rich. We are sure that a customer who once experiences an Ekam product will always come back for more. The fragrance throw encourages the customers to engage in a sense of over whelming experience there by assuring  recall value for the brand. 
Candles are no longer used only for lighting. They find a place in cultures, people's passion and decor in homes. Candles that waffle your heart, soothe your senses and bring glow to your surroundings, have something aesthetic about them. Ekam is a simple everyday pleasure which invites customer to the world of relaxation.
We manufacture all the candle product forms like wax filled jar, cup and designer candles, poured pillars (rustic, smooth, mottled), pressed pillars, T-lights, wax melts and votives. We also manufacture other flameless fragrance products such as reed diffuser, potpourris, aroma beads, pump sprays, car/air fresheners etc. We also have our own fragrance house that is capable to manufacture different types of fragrances for variety of applications that meets the required standards/regulations.  

At Ekam we are committed to bring to you unique products that are strong on style, sense and sensibility. Although candles remain our forte, encouraged by your response and suggestions, we now introduce a range of décor accessories such as candle holders, oil warmers, and potpourri containers in metal, ceramic and crystal material. Our Utility products includes a variety of birthday and wedding gift options and sets for you to shop online in India enhancing the gifting pleasure you receive from the brand Ekam.
We are singularly committed to customer. We want that each product made by us is the ideal source of beauty and satisfaction and we go to great lengths to ensure the same. We create designs with an edge over the others and even our fragrances are unique blends which are distinct from others. We adhere to stringent international standards, ensuring there is no indoor pollution. We closely monitor production for quality compliance and rigorously test-burn our sample candles to meet the desired standards. And, we source environment-friendly ingredients from the world's leading suppliers. Please see our quality promise for more details.
For India, we conduct scientific market studies on a model customer base to shortlist the most preferred styles, fragrances and pricing. You can pick from a wide variety of fragrances and styles.


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