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Why opt for Aroma Diffusers?

With Aroma Diffusers, you can easily diffuse your favourite aroma over a large space and even enjoy benefits of a humidifier.

How many hours will my diffuser work?

Our aroma diffusers are designed to work continuously for 6 hours, after which they automatically shut

Are they suitable for office use too?

Our aroma diffusers use ultrasonic vibrations that act on fragrance molecules that then get diffused around your space. This operation is noiseless, and these devices are easily portable, as well. So, you can use them whether at home or at office.

How do I use it to diffuse aroma?

Remove the outer lid and pour water inside up to the brim. Then add 10-15 drops of essential oil/fragrance oil into the water and place the lid back on. Now, connect the device to a plug and switch it on to start diffusing

Should I use cold or hotwater? 

You may use water at room temperature and avoid hot water.

Can I pour in more than 1fragrance/essential oil at a time?

No, it is recommended to only use 1 fragrance oil/essential oil (blend) at a time. When you want to use
another fragrance/essential oil, make sure to clean out the tank with a dry cloth first before using it.