Sparkling Green Face Scrub


Softens your skin with the relaxing accents of Aloe Vera extracts and the anti-oxidizing qualities of Green Tea. Prepared with finely powdered Walnut grains, Sparkling Green Facial Scrub is crafted to gently exfoliate skin and remove impurities from deep within, leaving the skin feeling soft and supple.

This scrub is enriched with non-greasy components of Green Tea and Walnut which gives you oil-free and ultra-light skin, leaving you Sparkling all day.  This scrub is best suited for parched skin as the hydrating properties of Aloe are paired with the anti-oxidizing properties of Green Tea.

Dampen face with water. Take a coin sized amount of the product and gently scrub your face in a circular motion. Wash off the face scrub with water and pat dry skin with a soft towel. Do not scrub over sensitive areas and blemishes. If the product comes in contact with the eyes, rinse the area immediately with water.


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