Relaxing Lavender Reed Diffuser 150 ml


Adorn your home with the elegantly designed Relaxing Lavender Reed Diffuser, and let its fragrance alleviate stress & anxiety and stimulate sound sleep. The fresh floral scent of lavender flower relaxes the mind and lifts the senses.

  • Pure lavender extract.

The familiarity of lavender will tickle your olfactory senses and reduce stress. It will calm the mind and aid improved sleep.

Dunk the diffuser sticks head down into the bottle of diffuser oil so that it absorbs the oil well. Flip the sticks over and place the dry end into the bottle. Let the diffuser spread the fragrance and make your home aromatic.

Delight in the exotic design of Ekam’s Relaxing Lavender Reed Diffuser. Fill your senses with the calming properties of lavender fragrance.

The best time to use the reed diffuser would be after a long tiring day when you just want to sit back, relax and lose yourself in an enchanting aroma; or at bedtime to get a deep night’s sleep. You could also enjoy the lavender fragrance in your spa time to make it feel more luxurious.

150 ml



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