Muscle Relaxing Massage Oil 100 ml


Allow the sweet herbaceous aroma of Roman Chamomile, blended with the zesty scent of Lemon enhance your body as you plunge into the relaxation with Ekam Muscle Relaxing Massage Oil. Enriched with the goodness of Sandalwood and Neroli, it relaxes your muscle, removes body pain and uplifts your mood.

    • Roman Chamomile, Sandalwood, Lemon, Neroli, Grape Seed, Jojoba

    Muscle Relaxing Massage Oil alleviates muscle pain, relaxes the body, and calm the mind by driving away stress. It helps to re-energize you with the sweet yet zesty scent.

    Pour about a half teaspoon of the massage oil into the palm. Rub both palms together to spread the oil evenly and then gently massage your body. Apply the massage oil to the freshly cleansed skin.

    Indulge in the soothing aroma of the massage oil while taking a relaxing body massage. The complex blend of Sandalwood, Neroli, Grape Seed and Jojoba extract will reduce pain and uplift your body and mind.

    Massage your body with Mental Clarity Massage Oil after a long tiring day to reduce stress and relax. It is suitable for all skin types.

    100 ml



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