Ekam Insence Stick


Cloak your home with the exquisite aroma of Ekam incense sticks. Available in four packs with distinct aromas- Walk in the Woods, Tranquil Garden, Ocean Spa and Pure Harmony; these carbon-free incense sticks will bring the serenity you seek.

Ekam Incense Sticks are carbon-free and eco-friendly. The exotic aroma will transform your home and make you feel as if you have been transported into a tranquil garden. The fragrances of these incense sticks are so provocative that they will surely tantalize you.

Hold the uncoated portion of the incense stick and light the opposite coated end.  Quickly extinguish the flame by blowing or waving the stick. Place the unlit end into an incense stick holder and allow the deep scent to permeate the room.

You will be spoiled for selection with four exotic aromas; there will be one that is just right for you.

The optional fragrances of Walk in the Woods, Ocean Spa Tranquil Garden, and Pure Harmony are great after a long tiring day to sit back, relax and help calm your senses.



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