Fruit Splash Wax Melts


Give your home a lift in freshness and appreciate  the aroma similar to these fresh fig and papaya wax melt. A period of exquisite ease, with this blended  melt of fig and papaya  which is excessively rich and eminently warming .

Fruity notes are fresh and invigorating. .which is sure to uplift your mood anytime. This is the fragrance which you just keep going back to for that extra kick to your mood.

No wick, no flame, just fragrance! Our scented Fragrance Melts are made from fine waxes and rich fragrance oils for bold, true-to-life fragrance in your home.

Fruit splash Wax melts will make a delightful state of mind, invading your home with splendid aromas.

Gros wt-77gms,EKS10-FS



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