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Ekam – Made Special

Ekam is derived from the Sanskrit word for the ‘ultimate oneness'. It represents the sensorial journey within. Our quest took us beyond candles to include products that indulge all the senses. Sight, smell, touch, taste, and sounds – Ekam engage the mind from all dimensions, tempts it to turn inward, and facilitates the experience of the ultimate contentment within oneself. 

Our products are known not only for their utility, but for the experience they bestow on the user. All Ekam products are stylistically designed and packed in aesthetically pleasing packages. The mere experience of holding an Ekam product conveys the feelings of opulence. The look and feel of the products and their packaging are sufficient to make anybody snap out of their routine and tempt them to unwind.  

Today, Ekam is a recognized luxury brand, constantly innovating and providing new experiences to its users through exclusive products that occupy the narrow cusp of art and application.


 You, and you alone, matter. Rediscover your core

At Ekam, we are inspired by our customers’ dreams and desires. We understand that ‘taking a break’ is not that easy. With jobs to complete, deadlines to meet, and chores to finish, planning a retreat becomes a task by itself.

That’s why we are determined to carve an alternate route to contentment. We want you to get excited on viewing an Ekam product. We want you to relish its touch. We want you to use the product and allow yourself to be carried away by the tide of hedonistic pleasure that takes you deep within into your ‘happy place’.

Step back. Let others do the running around for a while. Choose an Ekam experience to indulge in.  

Stop. Soak. Rejuvenate.

Be one with yourself