Temple Bloom 3 Wick Seaz Jar


This 3 wick jar candle is decorated with the brand’s iconic stickers and is the perfect answer for filling the room with fragrance quickly. They have a reasonably longer burn time and the stout jar candles are easy on the eyes. Once the candle burns down, keep it on your top shelf as a small vase or makeup brush holder.

Made up of inviting floral scents of jasmine with its anti-depressant properties, this temple bloom fragrance helps ease the mind. Combined together with the sweet, creamy scent of coconut, this is something special.

Top Note : Green,mint,eucalyptus.

Middle Note : Floral,jasmine,coconut,bannana,basil.

Bottom Note : Woody,musky, camphoraceous.

Net Weight - 341gms

Gross Weight - 571gms

Burn Time - 35 Hrs

Remove the top covering. Light all three wicks and soak in its aromas. Be careful not to light it anywhere near combustible items. For best effect burn this for 2 hours, the first time.

Customer Reviews

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Smells amazing

Temple bloom 3 wick jar

This is my fourth ekam product. First one ordered from ekam website. I love scented candles and I am very picky. Ekam has proved to be the best by far. Go for it eyes closed. But if u want consistent and better aroma like me go for the 3 wick jar over the cookie jar. ❤