Lemongrass Fragrance Oil 100 ML


Ekam has wide collection of fragrance oils that are built over years of expertise in fragrance formulation and inspiration from sources across the globe. We pick best of the ingredients to create an exotic and unique fragrance which is long lasting and which also rejuvenates your mind and soul.

Strikingly refreshing, lemongrass is used for alleviating pain, fighting depression, and for boosting the immune system. It brings down fever and is a useful ingredient in antiseptic lotions. While it can be used for flavouring, it also aids digestion.

100 ml

Net Weight - 190 gms

Gross Weight - 190 gms

Fill 10 ml of water and add  5-10 drops of the fragrance oil in the bowl of an electric oil warmer, then plug it in and turn on the switch.



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